Helping families of Special Needs children




Sophia - Sophia Louise Cooper was born September 18, 2008. On March 28, 2009, after a head CT at Pendleton Naval Hospital, we learned our Sophie has massive global brain damage, and were sent by ambulance to Balboa Naval Hospital to begin the search for the reasons why, if it would get worse, and was she terminal, For the immediate moment, we felt only grief, the deepest, most agonizing, wrenching grief imaginable. We weren't even ready for "now what".

Sophia Louise Cooper passed away on August 9th, 2011

Madelyn - Madelyn Renee Cooper was born November 09, 2009. We had been assured us that there was no reason to think Maddie was in any way at risk after hundreds of tests on Sophia with no answers. At her six month appointment, after small signs, a head CT was requested, and we learned that Madelyn too, had the identical condition; with an almost mirror image MRI. Our girls were not likely to ever walk or talk, or even sit up. We still hope to one day find out the "why", but their comfort, and care continues to take precedence.

Impact - Our girls have left a tremendous impact in our lives, and I need, we need, for them to leave an impact in this world. They are beautiful souls, amazing, and beautiful girls. They cannot speak, won't go to college, marry, and have children, grandchildren, or any of the legacies you and I would normally hope for, for our children. So where are the legacies for MY girls, what impact will they leave? SAMI CENTER.